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The Scout Shop is owned and operated by the Barbados Boy Scouts Association. It is located at "Hazelwood", Upper Collymore Rock, St. Michael. The Shop is open for business three days a week: Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays. The opening times are: 12:00pm. – 3:00pm. (Tuesdays), 10:00am. – 4:00pm. (Thursdays) and 9:30am. – 12:30pm. (Saturdays).



The goal of The Scout Shop is to supply the members of the Association with their Uniform, Scouting Materials and Equipment needs at a reasonable price.

We currently supply most of the Uniform items, including Award and Proficiency badges, required by all the Sections of the Association. Our increasing range of stock offers a wide range of Scouting Material and Equipment to meet the needs of the boys and Leaders and for those items not currently stocked, facilities are available to "special order" them.


Management & Staff

In September 2008 the Shop reopened after being closed for the summer holiday with a volunteer staff and new opening times. This was the first move in restructuring the financial and management structures of the Shop. This was followed by the appointment of a new management committee chaired by Mr. Delisle Hurley, shortly after the start of the new financial year in April 2009. The current Chairman is Mr. Ricardo Skeete.

The Deputy Chairman, Mr. Trevor DeT. A. Jones, is responsible for the day-to-day operations of the Shop. He has overseen the implementation of several initiatives and proceedures which has seen the Shop placed in a strong operational footing and on a path to full financial recovery.

Mr. Jones is assisted by a dedicated team of volunteers who complete the hundreds of tasks necessary to ensure that the Shop opens on the set days and times with stock that is properly packaged, displayed tagged and priced in an environment conducive to conducting business. They are also instrumental in the on-going face-lift being given to the physical plant at the Shop.


Roll Call of Volunteers

Since September 2008 the following persons have volunteered their services to the operation of the Shop:

Edwena Armstrong

Joan Pinder

Ryan Charlemagne

Hamilton Cumberbatch

Trevor Jones

Julia Jones

Edson Linton

Sonia Jones

Hamilton Roach

Gloria Cadogan

Stephen Sobers

Monique Scantlebury-Hinds

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