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Scouting Materials - Cub Scouts

Cub Scout Programme

  • 5½" x 8½", Colour Book
  • Contains requirements for all Cub Scout Awards & Badges

Price:  $15.00

Cub Scout Notebook

  • 5½ x 8½", Notebook
  • Cub Scout Law, Promise & Scout Motto on back cover

Price:  $1.50

Cub Pack Roll & Subscription Book

  • 32-page Cub Pak Roll and Subscription Book
  • Keep track of a Six's attendence and subs for 15 month.
  • Pocket-sized - 4¼" x 3½"

Price:  $7.25

Cub Scout Leader's Handbook

  • 8½" x 11", Colour Book
  • A manual for Leaders in the Cub Section.
  • Contains information for running a Pack and ideas for activities.

Price:  $15.00

Proficiency Badge Certificate Book

  • 25  3-part, numbered, pages. Each provides:
    • Individual certificate for the boy to keep.
    • Slip to use to purchase badge from the Shop.
    • Stub with details of Badges issued.

Price:  $24.50

Proficiency Badge Certificate Pad

  • Multi-person badge certificate
  • 15-sheet, 5½" x 8½" pad
  • Intended for use by Leaders when purchasing Proficiency Badges from the Shop.

Price:  $4.50

The Founder

  • A short history of the important facts in the life of Lord Baden-Powell.
  • Includes many facts that can be incorporated into a quiz.

Price:  $11.00

Technology for Fun

  • Aimed at 7-12 year olds.
  • Fun projects for getting Cub Scouts interested in making things out of ordinary objects from around the home.
  • 60 pages with sketches and images

Price:  $32.50

Technology for Fun 2

  • Aimed at 7-14 year olds.
  • Introduces them to basic electrical circuits, and then brings the circuits to life by using them to make 14 working models.
  • 55 pages with sketches and images

Price:  $32.50

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All prices listed are valid as at 10/07/2015 and are subject to change without notice.

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