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Scouting Materials - Scouts

Scout Badge Book

  • 5½" x 8½", Colour Book
  • March 2014 Edition
  • Contains requirements for all Scout Awards & Badges

Price:  $20.00

Track & Trail Notebook

  • Track & Trail Progress Notebook
  • Available in Black & White and Full Colour

B&W:    $10.50

Colour:  $15.85

Track & Trail Notebook Pack

  • Includes Track & Trail Progress Notebook, Track Award Badge, and a pack of Notebook Seals

B&W:    $22.00

Colour:  $29.00

Course & Traverse Notebook

  • Course & Traverse Progress Notebook
  • Available in Black & White and Full Colour

B&W:    $8.75

Colour:  $15.85

Course & Traverse Notebook Pack

  • Includes Course & Traverse Progress Notebook, Traverse Award Badge, and a pack of Notebook Seals

B&W:    $21.50

Colour:  $28.50

Scout Notebook

  • 5½ x 8½", Notebook
  • Scout Law, Promise & Motto on back cover

Price:  $1.75

Progress Notebook Seals

  • Pack of 120 Seals to use with Progress Notebooks

Price:  $10.75

Scout Training Awards Book

  • 8½" x 11", Colour Book, Loose-Leaf , 3-hole punched for binder
  • Contains requirements for all Scout Awards and Challenge Badges

Price:  $15.00

Scout Proficiency Badges Book

  • 8½" x 11", Colour Book, Loose-Leaf , 3-hole punched for binder
  • Contains requirements for all Scout Proficiency and Staged Activity Badges

Price:  $25.00

Scout Leader's Folder

  • 1" 3-Ring Binder with 53 forms, registers and planners required to run an effective Scout Troop
  • Contains Attendance & Subscription Registers, Progress Charts, Financial & Permission Forms, and Programme & Camp Planners.

Price:  $25.80

Scout Leader's Folder Refill Pack

  • Contains replacement forms, planners & registers for the Scout Leader's Folder

Price:  $16.50

Proficiency Badge Certificate Book

  • 25  3-part, numbered, pages. Each provides:
    • Individual certificate for the boy to keep.
    • Slip to use to purchase badge from the Shop.
    • Stub with details of Badges issued.

Price:  $24.50

Proficiency Badge Certificate Pad

  • Multi-person badge certificate
  • 15-sheet, 5½" x 8½" pad
  • Intended for use by Leaders when purchasing Proficiency Badges from the Shop.

Price:  $4.50

National Uniform Regulations - Scouts

  • Regulations detailing the approved uniforms of the Scout Section and how they are to be worn.

Price:  $4.50

Scouting for Boys

  • written and illustrated by the Founder
  • Softback 1908 edition
  • This is the foundation of Scouting. It gives an insight into Scouting as it was perceived in 1908.

Price:  $45.00

The Founder

  • A short history of the important facts in the life of Lord Baden-Powell.
  • Includes many facts that can be incorporated into a quiz.

Price:  $11.00

Complete Guide to Scouting Skills

  • 256 pages of essential Scouting information
  • With expert advice from The Scout Association (UK) based on over 100 years experience in the outdoors, you�ll be prepared for any adventure.

Price:  $62.50

Nautical Skills for Scouts

  • by David Sturdee, former UK Specialist Adviser for Sea Scouts.
  • 117 comprehensively illustrated full colour pages.
  • Includes useful nautical and Scout boating information.

Price:  $66.50

Educational Activties for 11 to 15 Year-Olds

  • Contains 60 educational activities - 10 activities in each growth areas - physical, creativity, character, affective, social, and spiritual development
  • 24 technical appendices
  • 224 pages, about 200 illustrations.

Price:  $32.00

Scout Games

  • Designed for Scout leaders and their assistants.
  • Packed with games specially for a Scout Troop.
  • Split into chapters of different games types, this colourful book will help you deliver exciting games each week.

Price:  $37.00

More Reference Books

All prices listed are VAT Inclusive and in Barbados Dollars
All prices listed are valid as at 11/07/2014 and are subject to change without notice.

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