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Scouting Materials - Ceremonies

Parade Flag Belt

  • Black leather Parade Flag Belt
  • Cub Scout and Scout sizes.
  • Made Locally

Price:  $92.50

Parade Flag Bag

  • Leatherette Parade Flag storage Bag with reinforced bottom
  • Made Locally

Price:  $38.50

Currently Not In Stock

Parade Flag Cords

  • Gold 9' Parade Flag Cords with 5" Tassels

Price:  $60.00

Parade Flag Pole

  • 7' wooden Parade Flag Pole with an aluminium joint

Price:  $200.00

Parade Flag Pole

  • 7' wooden Parade Flag Pole with a brass finish joint

Price:  $297.50

* * By Order Only * *

Scout Parade Flag Mount

  • Metal Scout Mount for Parade Flag Pole
  • Made from cast brass with a chrome finish

Price: $315.00

Parade Flag Floor Stand

  • Gold finish ABS plastic floor stand.
  • Includes fittings for poles from 1" to 1¼".
  • Can be weighted, instructions included.

Price: $115.00

Venture Scout Unit Flag

  • Regulation Venture Scout Unit Flag

Price:  $145.00

White Gloves

  • 100% Cotton Gloves with snap
  • Sizes: Small, Medium, Large, X-Large

Price:  $16.00

White Gloves - Grips

  • 100% Cotton Gloves
  • Rubberized Dots On The Palms And Fingers For Better Grip
  • Sizes: Small, Medium, Large, X-Large

Price:  $23.50

Black Arm Band

  • 1½" x 18" black ribbon Arm Band
  • Only to be worn when authorised by HQ

Price:  75¢

Black Arm Band

  • 1½" x 24" black ribbon Arm Band
  • Only to be worn when authorised by HQ

Price:  $1.00

Silver Self Shine Shoe Cream

  • Natural wax based formulation.
  • Gives immediate gloss without buffing.
  • Black

Price:  $4.19

Silver Self Shine Liquid Shoe Polish

  • Natural wax based formulation.
  • Cleans, conditions and leaves a glossy shine on all types of leather shoes.
  • Black

Price:  $4.19

Silver Instant Shine Sponge

  • Gives an instant shine to all smooth and synthetic leathers & accessories.
  • Black

Price:  $3.45

Silver Mega Shine Sponge

  • A satiny gloss that glides on.
  • Its wide surface provides quick application.
  • Black

Price:  $4.20

Silver Horse Hair Shoe Brush

  • Bristles made from 100% genuine horsehair
  • Gentle cleaning and buffing of smooth leather & fabric.

Price:  $14.50

All prices listed are VAT Inclusive and in Barbados Dollars
All prices listed are valid as at 22/11/2018 and are subject to change without notice.

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